Relationships – Breaking the Chains of Pain to Freedom

Are you or do you know someone who is struggling with getting beyond the pain of being rejected, hurt, abandoned, abused, betrayed and more?

Has this pain disabled you from living a normal life?

Are you losing sleep at night?

Do you feel as though there is nowhere to turn or no one to talk to?

You want to move forward but feel as though this pain will never end?

If your answer to any of these important questions is yes, you are not alone.

There is hope!

I too have been there where I have experienced rejection along with so many other things in this life that I allowed to imprison me in my own emotions. I constantly struggled with lies of not being good enough and feelings of inadequacy and never measuring up as result of broken relationships.

We’ve all been there where we have been hurt by others and have hurt others.

But thanks be to God! He has taught me and shown me how to be free and how to stay free from the bondage of pain and enjoy the life He has for me to live in Him.

That is why I believe the Lord has given me the tools needed to develop this amazing Featured Course – “Relationships! Breaking the Chains of Pain to Freedom.”

In this course I will show those in need of a breakthrough in this area, how to go from a place of being held captive by the pain that is in your heart to releasing this pain and living from a heart that is pain-free.

I will lead you step by step on how to take your life back and live it freely with a joy that is inexpressible. Words cannot express the joy that I am experiencing in my daily life as a result of being free from the bondage of pain.

You no longer have to allow your emotions and feelings to dominate you.

If you feel this course is for you or someone dear to you, then join me on this journey as we:

  1. Let the Issue be the Issue

Don’t settle for bottling up your hurt on the inside and then one day exploding like a bomb and regretfully affecting yourself and others around you.

2. Disarm the Mindset of a Victim

Learn how to take control of your life by being empowered to move forward in freedom and empowering those around you.

  3. Live a Pain-free Life with Joy

You will discover how to live your life from a place of not allowing current and future hurts to affect you the way they used to.

To enroll, please click on this link to take you to my online course available for only $300.00 instead of $1,000.00. That is a savings of $700.00.

Beloved, don’t be the victim anymore! Let’s make 2019 our best year yet.

Thank you and blessings to you!

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