Healthy Relationships

God is a family God and desires for us to experience the most healthy and fruitful relationships on this planet, including with Himself. He desires for broken relationships to be repaired. But just because God desires it does not mean that it happens. Why? Because God did not make nor is He in relationship with robots. Everyone has freewill to choose. Unfortunately, we are faced with so many broken homes and destroyed families in our world today for various reasons, including the ability to choose. Is there hope for our families?

Yes! Personally, I believe that healthy relationships in our lives are an overflow or a bi-product of having a healthy relationship with God. It is very important to point out that if we are not experiencing a healthy relationship with God Himself, then this is going to manifest in our horizontal relationships.

If we have not spent time with the Father, then how are we going to know Him for who He really is. It’s in those times that He reveals Himself to us by the Holy Spirit. Who we understand God to be or who we think God is based on our experiences or what we’ve been taught about God, does impact our hearts in how we see Him. How we see Him can also affect how we think He sees us.

For example, I often say this but I used to think God was an angry God. That if I performed well, then I could have a little confidence that He would fellowship with me. And if my performance was lacking, I could forget about the fellowship part. My heart would condemn me and I would blame God for being angry with me when He wasn’t. Because I believed this lie, I began to project this attitude towards myself and others. The way I saw God was the way I saw me and those around me.

So, my point in sharing this is having an accurate knowledge of God’s true character and nature is very vital in our relationship with Him. To see the goodness of God demonstrated through the life of Jesus paints a huge picture of God’s heart towards mankind. And there are plenty of instances throughout the entire bible that reveal to us the love that God has for us. When our hearts become saturated and established with the goodness of the Father, nothing or no one can talk us out of that.

Also, when we get our hearts established in OUR true identity in Christ and in the truth that God loves us, that He is for us and not against us, this healthy family relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit will undoubtedly overflow into how we see and relate with our families, friends, neighbors and everyone else. Beloved, allow God to heal your relationships where healing is needed through union with Him. I’ll talk soon! Blessings!

2 thoughts on “Healthy Relationships

  1. Love this Sis! Blessings to you!


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