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Hey everybody! Been away for a while, working on other projects, including my next book. Wanted to share a very brief testimony about how God is really reaching so many people through my recently released book, “Do You Know Who You Are? Confessions of Your Identity.”

A friend of mine called me today to let me know how much my book really encouraged them in their walk with God. At first I received a text from them about how it saved their life. Then a few hours later is when I received a call from them, sharing with me how they had gone through a season of discouragement because of being in an environment of constant mental abuse in their home. However, they were gladly able to get away on a trip to a leadership training this weekend and be healed, restored and refreshed.

They told me that God led them to His word to read a scripture to build themselves up, and then they picked up my book and read it in one sitting. They said my book saved their life and even helped them to overcome thoughts of suicide.

Praise God! Hearing that really encouraged my heart.

Beloved, I wanted to share this post to encourage you to stay in this good fight of faith because we win. You would not believe the amount of self-doubt and resistance I experienced in writing my book. Now I see why! The enemy did not want that book to get out and have the impact that it is having on so many lives. My friend has such a bright future and a great life ahead of them. They knew those thoughts were not from God and they were able to overcome them.

God has invested so much in us that others need. Don’t give up and don’t quit on your dreams. Don’t let the present circumstances discourage you in your relationship with God. In the fullness of time, your voice, if not already, will be heard and will make an impact for God’s glory.

Please check out my first book, which focuses on embracing the goodness of God and your true identity in Him. It has changed my life. Blessings!

3 thoughts on “Testimony

  1. WOW! A few weeks ago God whispered these exact words to me saying, “I’ve invested in My word in you. ” Then He led me to Isaiah 55:11 and said, “My investment, My word, will not return to Me void, and it will accomplish that which I please and will prosper in in the thing whereto I sent it.” Blessings Sis! Keep spreading the Gospel!


    1. Thank you so much. What an awesome testimony of God’s love and goodness in your life.

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