Finish Line (2)I feel like this is for someone. You may be dealing with feelings of not being good enough or feeling a lack of motivation to get something done. Or maybe you’re just telling yourself that you cannot accomplish a particular task. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can do it. You can breakthrough that ceiling glass in your mind that has been holding you back. You can jump over that hurdle. You can start that project and finish well.

I recently wrote and published my first book. Believe it or not that was a huge accomplishment for me. There was a time when I started the process of writing a book but did not finish. I struggled with thoughts of inadequacy and critical thoughts of trying to write “the perfect book” by making sure I said the right things, and if I could not, then it was not going to be successful. Those moments felt overwhelming to me because of the pressure I was putting on myself. So, I would give up.

However, this time was different because over the years, I have come to learn God’s heart toward me. His love for me is setting me free from all kinds of fear and bondage. Focusing on the life of Christ in me and knowing my true identity in Him has enabled me to write and publish my first book. Praise God.

Did I have thoughts and feelings of unbelief and inadequacy creep up again? Heck yes! But through the process of writing my book I would talk to God and hear from God about what to do next. He encouraged me along the way. I spoke words of encouragement over my mind and broke the dominion of those negative thoughts and pressed through.

This has opened my heart to more possibilities. If I wrote one book, I can write two, and if I write two then I can write three or more. Nothing is impossible, whether it’s writing a book or anything else. Anything is possible!

And I’m a late bloomer, so I’m also here to tell you that it is never too late. As long as you still have life inside of you, it is never too late.

You may have sensed God leading you in a certain direction and you have not made that step yet for whatever reason. But it keeps coming up. I encourage you to take that step. God is not angry with you for not stepping out. He is not disappointed in you, nor has He changed His mind about you. You are His precious son. You are His precious daughter. He’s waiting on you. If this applies to you, know that God believes in you. You believe in you!

Sometimes our own hearts can condemn us and make us feel like God has separated Himself from us. But that is not true. Actually, we are the ones that allow our hearts to feel that way. But God is greater than our hearts and His heart and arms of love are always wide open to receive us because He loves us and will never leave us nor forsake us. That is His promise to us.

So be encouraged beloved, and know that whatever God has assigned you to do, whatever that dream or passion in your heart is, look to the life of God in you and you’ll find that you can breakthrough to accomplish anything in this life with Christ in you. I’m a witness.

As I mentioned, I have published my first book, “Do You Know Who You Are? Confessions of Your Identity,” and I am excited about its release. In my debut book I am encouraging people from the ages of 10 and up to go deeper in their relationship with God. Experiencing God in a deeper way has and is changing my life in such awesome ways. Both Kindle and Paperback are available. Please check them out here and be blessed. Thank you.

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