Information Overload

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To have knowledge or information is one thing, but to have wisdom or the know how is another. All too often, we are being inundated with information and yet we do not know what to do with it. If we are not allowing the right information or knowledge to penetrate our hearts to the point that we are experiencing the knowledge we are receiving, then we are just basically overdosing on information.

I was believing a lot of scriptures from the word of God in my head, but those very same scriptures were not producing results in my life. Why? Because I did not believe them in my heart. I have quoted scriptures left and right. But what was missing? Involving my heart in the process was missing. It was not good enough to just know verses in my brain. I needed to be believing them in my heart.

The word of God is a seed that has to be planted in the soil of our hearts in order to produce the results we want to experience in our lives. We have to be patient with our hearts. We have to give our hearts time to be persuaded by the truth of God’s word, because it takes time.

For years I have listened to pastor so and so teach about this topic, and I have heard minister so and so share about that topic. And praise God for both. But pastor and minister so and so could only give me bits and pieces about God from the word in a short period of time. They could only give me a little bit of what they experienced with God. But that was just information to me and not my experience.

A couple years ago my class and I went on our missions’ trip to Costa Rica. It was about a month before we graduated. It was an amazing experience for all of us. We ministered the word of God and the love of God in word and in demonstration. We also ate pretty good food. One of the things we ate that I enjoyed most was the fresh fruit. Their pineapple was so sweet and juicy. Oh, my goodness, it was so good.

But my point is that, me telling you how good that pineapple was in Costa Rica, was my experience. Not yours! I am only giving you information about great tasting pineapple. You are only receiving information about great tasting pineapple. But the only way you are going to experience how great this pineapple really is, is if you go to Costa Rica and eat this pineapple for yourself. Then it becomes more than just information to you. It is now your experience. And the beautiful thing about it being your experience, is that no one can talk you out of it.

I believe that should be our experience with God. Information about God has its place. But when you taste and see for yourself that the Lord Himself is good, no one can talk you out of that.

I encourage you to get with God in your own personal time. Get quiet and be still before Him. Let Him speak to your heart. Let Him reveal His heart to your heart what His desires are for you in your journey with Him.

See it is not about hearing a teaching or a message on something and then once it is over, we go and try to make it work through our own will power. It is not about us getting into performance to try to be what we already are. It is about us getting with God and allowing Him to awaken our hearts to who we already are in Him through His word, and then seeing that effortlessly manifest in our daily life.

I’ll talk soon! Blessings, beloved.

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